My artwork is created using intricate, hand cut paper often layered or combined with other mixed media elements. My style ranges from cultural design influences where I hope to keep traditions alive, to contemporary interpretations where I can stretch boundaries.

My fascination with paper-cutting artwork began at an early age. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington in a large Polish-American family and community where I was exposed to various kinds of wycinanki* and other traditions. I loved the playful shapes and the colorful contrasts of the wycinanki and would often create my own versions of what I saw. Over the years I’ve added several skills to my repertoire, but have always found a certain sense of satisfaction with using scissors and knife. I studied art at the University of Puget Sound, Studio Art Centers International in Italy, and a collection of other organizations.

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Alisa Lidzbarski Lahti

*Wycinanki (vih-chee-non-kee) is the Polish version of the art form of fine paper-cutting dating from the early to mid 19th century. It was traditionally created in rural areas of Poland using sheep shears and used as gifts and decoration for homes. Distinct styles developed from different regions, most notably abstract, whimsical versions of birds, animals, trees, plants and scenes from everyday life. These various techniques evolved as they were handed down from generation to generation.

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