Waxing and Whining


Summer did not happen the way I had hoped. While the weather here in Seattle was beautiful, I had to put vacation and visits and studio time on hold in order to make sure this year’s Polish Festival Seattle was a success and work on a contract that required more online time than I expected. Both turned out very well, but frankly, left me out of balance.

Before things got to be too much, I was able to get away to the studio of Larry Calkins on Tiger Mountain where I was introduced to encaustic painting with a stylus. Painting with wax is quite fun, with the hot wax and torch firing, but I’ve always put it on the back burner because I didn’t want to invest in all of the tools needed. But working with a stylus is an easy investment and a great way to work on small projects. So this summer, I bought myself a stylus and a few wax sticks and took short breaks in the studio to work on small painting projects. Really small. I also found a worn out puzzle to paint that I’ve had sitting in a corner. As always, paper-cutting finds its way into the work, I can’t help it. I’m looking forward to more of this and to working through all of the ideas in my head I’ve been collecting over the summer. Workshops will be scheduled soon too. Stay tuned!

House inside outside

Encaustic Tools