The Path to Serenity

Last month I created one of my gwiazdy (star)/mandala pieces as a custom order.  I call the final piece “Serenity”, hence the title of this blog. In this post I am sharing some photos showing the process from beginning to end.

There were a few specific requests by the client before starting this project, but otherwise I was left to my own devices. The color palatte needed to be “greens and purples” on white to match some existing accessories. It needed to fit an existing frame, about 25″ x 26″. There were some shapes from some earlier work of mine that were favored. And guiding my final choices were the words “bright” and “serene” that I picked up from our conversations.

Option B

The first thing I did was cut out the base. I ended up creating another one because I decided the first one didn’t quite feel right based on my conversations with the client. My client made the final decision, and she chose the second one as well. Going with my gut pays off!

My next step was to create a color palette that I would use to make the colorful layers in the work. I find that having this decided ahead of time really helps. Now the fun really starts!

I often create and play with several options as I figure out what works. Gluing the final choices onto the base is one of the final steps, because once it is glued, it can be difficult to change later.  Here are a few pictures showing different stages.

Figuring out colors and placement

Ready for layering

Pieces ready for gluing onto base

More ready for gluing to base

Making choices, nothing glued onto base yet

And finally, it’s ready!

Final piece ready for framing!

There are up to ten layers of paper in places, all cut by hand.  To me, the process and final result share a meditative quality.  This piece now provides a bright and serene focal point above a fireplace in a lovely room!